Rosemary Ernhofer, Registered Psychotherapist


Life is difficult.  We are faced with losses continually, from dashed expectations and assumptions, to losses of the people and circumstances we hold most dear.  The ultimate loss we experience is death, and contemplating it so excruciatingly painful that we build very strong, personal defenses against it.  As a collectivity, our society works relentlessly to deny and defy death, so finding support to deal with loss can be really difficult.   When we are faced with unthinkable tragedy, our defenses crumble and we feel utterly alone, often afraid and probably in crisis, particularly when loss has come from violence, trauma or is shockingly premature or otherwise unexpected.. 

It seems absurd to expect anything worthwhile to develop from the pain of losing a relationship, a job, a dream, health or even life itself.  It seems irrational to imagine anything resembling life or beauty can rise out of the devastating story ashes have to tell.  Nature gently shows us that it IS possible - the scorched earth heals and grows green again.  The work of grieving is like sifting through the ashes of anguish and pain to redeem the seeds of your life.  As a grief therapist I will provide the empathetic space you need to reflect, to heal and grow, to find renewed meaning and purpose. 

To learn more, read:   “The Grief Recovery Handbook” (book by John James and Russell Friedman)

Grief and Loss

No one ever told me that grief felt

so like fear

C.S. Lewis