Serenity is not freedom from the storm

but peace amid the storm.

  Author unknown

In our fast-paced, achievement- and competition-driven society, many of us become plagued with stress and anxiety.  Our bodies’ natural mechanisms of coping with the outside world become severely overtaxed, and physical symptoms and distress quickly affect our psychological wellbeing.  We valiantly try to cope in a number of ways, including by procrastinating, perfecting, overthinking and worrying.  Anxiety, untended long enough, can easily develop into helplessness and depression. 

It’s important to understand what drives your anxiety.  In therapy, this can be done by exploring your feelings, perceptions and/or thoughts.  As a psychotherapist, I often also use mindfulness and acceptance and commitment therapy to help you access calm.

To learn more, see:  “Things Might Go Horribly, Terribly Wrong – a guide to life liberated from anxiety”

(book by Kelly G. Wilson) 


Rosemary Ernhofer, Registered Psychotherapist